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What is eco-friendly dry cleaning?

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning processes have come a long way within the last 30 years. Dry cleaning is a process in which materials are cleaned without the use of water. Historically, this has been done using perc and other hazardous cleaning solutions of which are no longer considered safe. Currently, the standard solvents that are traditionally used during the dry cleaning process have gone through rigorous testing and safety measures. Taking this a step further, we are now implementing services that are considered eco-friendly or “green.” Green products have a smaller impact on the environment, produce less waste, and are considered safer. This means we provide a full range of dry cleaning options that best suit your family’s individual needs and lifestyle choices.

At Classic Deluxe Cleaners, we take professional dry cleaning service to a higher-level standard of care, with a special emphasis on providing non-toxic solvents, biodegradable, dermatologically tested, and halogen-free solvents and detergents. Utilizing advanced dry cleaning equipment and standards, our highly-qualified and experienced staff are adept at carefully examining items, spot treating, and customizing the best method of cleaning, repairing, or restoring a variety of materials and fabrics.

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