Luxury & Designer Shoes, Handbags, & Purse Cleaning

Classic Deluxe is proud to now offer designer handbag and shoe cleaning. Each item is carefully hand cleaned and refinished.

What many people don’t realize when investing in designer or luxury shoes, handbags, and purses, is how critical routine cleaning and care for these high-end items can be. To maintain the beauty of your designer goods, as well as protect your investment, we recommend cleaning the item at least once a year or sooner if stained. We also provide tailoring services for these items such as mending straps reinforcing seams, etc. Designer shoes, purses, and bags are often made of multiple materials, including leather, which requires highly-skilled individuals who have the right training, tools, and cleaning agents, to safely and delicately clean them.

We will help you keep your investments looking new for many years to come!

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