Leather, Suede and Fur Cleaning & Storage

Your leather and suedes can last a lifetime with proper care!

With time and wear, beautiful specialty items made of leather, suede, or fur can begin to show their age if not cared for properly. Scuffs, fading, or lack of luster can make these materials look old or dirty. We recommend not cleaning a leather or suede garment unless it really needs it. Most leather and suede materials are dyed or sprayed, which makes it difficult to match. Using water or store-bought detergents will damage these items. Don’t fret! Our highly-trained staff knows how important it is to handle specialty materials with a gentle touch and use the right cleaning agents. We also provide glazing and conditioning services for furs, as well as cleaning for leather shoes, such as Uggs. No matter the material, we know how to clean it. It’s time to pull those clothing items out of the closet and bring new life to them again.

Need to store items for the summer or winter? We provide specialized box storage for summer and winter with cleaning services. Additionally, we provide a refrigerated vault for your furs.

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